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Pound On The Table (Glitch Mode Recordings 2018)

   Controlled.Altered.Deleted must be using your three fingers to do as the unused things over computerized data needs to be done right away before the virus infiltrates the main frame positions and innovative CEO Sean Payne with chairman Chris Harris doing the vocals programming and special guest in Charles Levi from Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface did his works via low end thunder; as the supply or demands nods through the written lyrics or samples as animated venture to capitalist behind corporation of Industrial brand within those old-school Electro-Industrial proper fits from the past 80’s to 90’s manufacturer ownership returned here as greater through the renaissance tracks favorites over the smoky computer displaying the last turning points on Eighty-Sixed, Standard Consumption, Into The Cut (Funk-O-Tron) and Time To Conform blasting harder like the angst of the machine over humanity slavery acts forcing them to work and helping the productions as sophomore Glitches sounds and Industrial Dance mixes staying true to the roots of chaos complete within their ownership.