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Pornography Conceptual (Boss Tuneage 2017)

   For everything sucks according to ALL – there’s a chance for the next generations to seeing their world further sucked as the waiting over for Pandemix from underground Punk Rock genre society in Boston, Massachusetts best secret kept and immediate resonates as started for no hopes expectation in this debut and statements from the group’s female singer leading her men powers through ten tracks onto poetic encapsulates in a formation for Shannon Thompson on vocals, Tommy Draize (bass), Matthew Woellert on guitar and Ryan Berry the drummer collectively, also came out from Pittsburgh, PA before resides in Boston – cranking the force on their Femme/Queer HC or Punk Rock within the strange, weird and odd lead vocals that sometimes sounded creepy but also sexy protesting the anticipated record in melodies and solos and soaring distorted hooks feels punchy to be cleverly called Scale Models Of Atrocities as Faultless, Another Wall, Total Immersion onto Twisted Thoughts became the following anarcho-like plan to catch commercialism into the pit-trap of Street Punk’s Exit Strategy lure for the kids in america. 

Scale Models of Atrocities: