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Poo-Poo Randy (Bandcamp 2005)

   Stop and don’t pick this shit up if you’re a serious person liking your favorite artists and singers like a fanatic cause the ten songs recorded there for an album off Fort Worth, Texas are mostly, offensive in fun comedy or bad jokes parody in a clever lyrics re-presented play and sang to make laughable people laughter harder more by listening to the silly covers over Sheep taken as granted from Radiohead’s multi-national hit track Creep; talking further related onto the tales of world is a rat cage given you Minimum Wage (The Smashing Pumpkins parody gift) and even The Rolling Stones song turned out to Yeast A-Burnin’ as cleverly as the stupid lyrics interpretation coming out of Soul To Squeeze (RHCP) into the new translation on Herpes – can make a good smirking impression to listening more about Comin’ Out Tha Closet releasing shits by a contacted guy project named Seamonkey.

PS. Even a free download won't make this album sells plenty but a burst of hilarious laughter.

Comin' Out Tha Closet: