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Phat Wubz (Independent 2018)

   Not like your dad’s jokes harder to laugh-about but six waves seemed to be like a dollar signs money making thrown on you while the head hard high exactly trying not to go awkward and drinking beer and stands around the area which plays Dank-Ass beats like Durandal of Utah selling the number one anti-flammable liquid/gas-spray that can protecting you against being burn or self-destruction listening for this new balance cookout timeless freebie drops on Dubstep bouncy beats and purchasing downloads random handy works houses on Dad Bod Head Nod or the digging deeper and the oh yeah bootleg that can be taken by managing an infiltration towards displaying of Hot Fire, Shower Anthem and needed waiting not too often blending their music from Electronic stuff to dad jokes and tracks experiments like Hot Fire, Shower Anthem to Super Nintendo Chalmers or Give Your Father a Hug means the production-factory doesn’t lie about enjoying the canister before it spraying all around us and DJ-ing will never looks so damn easy to lifting up the lazy orbits. 

Dad Bod Head Nod: