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Penguin Love (Self-Released 2017)

   Crispy popular vocals and rocking standard of the good groovy but commercial established kinds inflicted to lost Alternative Rock version of Rage Against The Machine into Pop-Rock comprising for Ivan Cadiz Paisano, Manuel Porras, Boby Marqueno and Ramon Bujaldon writing their materials here for this self-titled record of Mimetic Theory as revealing content labeled must put to make audience obeying the exact fourteen tracks of local craze for Indie Pop underground for Barcelona shout-outs brewing musical as one shall seeing not just the distinctive logo of the group but listening the rest of variety songs such as Nothing on The Horizon, Anything For This Feeling, The Spirit of a Dark Heart and New Obsession or the romance-themed crossing sci-fi Lovely Girl (Girl From 30) may declaring how mesmerizing lively still emerges to you through the seminal perfect sounds from the southern parts of Europe.

Mimetic Theory: