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Path Too Worn (Vendetta Music 2010)

   Let the hot sexy girl kissing another beautiful girl as they loving the surroundings of mild Rave-Techno arousing creating by Dust Is Noise with Jacob Rouse, Michael Jenney or Michael Treveloni brought the essential European Classic Electro and Synth-Pop as the artwork made by Hive Design, graphic by Industriarts Studio and photography of John Bonnett over these ten tracks of highly infectious fusion of many feelings to romance on the millennium new different taste as people loves robots and androids make loved to a hybrid humanoid means the race era is done – replacing by other futuristic relationship between same sex orientations or no matter what to reach happiness in reality and internet world on the same time in Fractured Forms.

Fractured, Ambergris, Last Light, Blind Spot and Clouds Breathe onto Built to Burn Through dissatisfied over the nature’s destruction or the killings of animals needs to be stopped by reduce the over-population through harsh ways possible as planned. Let your dance moves be the first acts to lit up fire in everyone’s hearts to change the face of the planet to be civilized again and electronic desire over-rules places to make peace under the machine warmth triumph. 

Fractured Forms: