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Part 3 11:14 (Wondercore Island Records 2015)

   Like playing the x-files codes backwards as beneath the granite sky the sounds penetrating your innards as cradle and clock stops to moving by only the thing keeps on ticking are those beats of Experiemntal Electronic on world musical presence recorded by Perrin Moss a.k.a Clever Austin which mastered by Andrei Eremin and displaying the artwork drawn by Maria Gallo is this Hide-Away Headshell Vol. 2 corrupted mixtape music for the long-headed alien selfie to your tubes echoed all the way from Melbourne, Australia as divided onto four parts three to the Track 4 out over eleven minutes and fifty-seven seconds separated but attached into those others likely tunes goes for ten minutes and fourteen seconds or eight minutes and twenty-five seconds – not really legally moistures for the environment but make sure that before there’s a signs of unidentified flying object warping behind the clouds; alert yourself to telling the brain that they do exists since long time ago because they’re smarter than us !

The rhythmic sound-collage or Boom-Bap rhyming non-sentence noises might be sending you the different side of decoded not at the end of December.