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Paranoid Gusta Zorra (Independent 2005)

   Love in fall to the dark-haired female singer and thus Naughty Zombies on their tasks to performing terror of DeathRock and Post-Punk sessions for this Demo #2 that shows serial killer romance with the bloody nurse around Madrid’s old public cemetery and local language screaming in most arousing style to make male creature cum a lot as El Viejo Matadero, Bat Taste or Tengo Un Pasajero (Paralisis Permanente) as far as Sexo Suicida – as mostly, goes in rushy tempos leading the non-therapy messages of dying atmosphere and echoes in middle-range beats completing thus agonizing themes and popular horror-tales as the band’s background to continuing this legacy for The Stooges and dead friends just like Siouxie and The Banshee did among their sexual attractions and manual goth-book holy inscriptions as a mangler.

Demo #2: