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Pain Of My Queen (Area Pirata 2018)

   Twenty-eight songs will definitely, blown your socks off while everyone dancing crazy following them and the rest of the band from Pisa, Italy playing ghoulish Rockabilly meets Punk Rock and horror determines how awfully powerful these Cockroaches crew is with their combination of Little Richard types of piano play compiled to a record of two releasing becomes one on Rest In Pieces + Stomp Around The Tombs giving us the meaning of abomination realm that suits the rebellious of how surfing Rock n’ Roll the first place used to fit in. Sharp raw guitars of Gregi or the mocking shamanism sang voices from Bandido Maldito onto the cavernous drumming beats off Mr. Hyde and rhythmic bass bashes from Labanero has given the magic voodoo and ghouls or aliens horde over the Psychobilly romans to scares you like the creeps along the beginning of the album with Hot Rod, Psychojungle, Zombie Dancing, M.F, Dirty Fun onto Dog Eat Dog as well as Pussy Peer & Cheese and Jack & Cola to Space Monster Meets Frankenstein couldn’t be so much funnier to guide your Halloween ritual party backyard with the dead relatives and neighbors shouting and swaying over Mammy Mummy, Baron Samedi and Wolfman in their best homemade costumes this year.