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Overdrive Golden (Magnetic Eye 2014)

Forrest Barton, Joshua Fleming and Trey Alfaro forming this Stoner/Garage Rock group out of their native area in Dallas, Texas and The Phuss was born to delivering their massive and rhythmic beats over the grooves to you especially – those who still believes in Rock N’ Roll spirits and awesome bursts of riff-age, lyrics, shouts and the rebel souls within it brought to the stereo system this – recording entitled On The Prowl in vinyl power and eight tremendous track-lists of the self-written crew themselves arranging these through the complete rocking sessions howling Straight Line Impala, Burn Notice, Hammer and Nail, At The Bottom and It Hurts to be Dead. 

See the lady justice is nude and squatting to make a balance judgment to the time lapse deserted pasts and presents pulled up by the hounds of hell on a wrecking car with the vocals crossing between the nuts freaky unreal screams off Axl Rose versus Steve Tyler.

On The Prowl: