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Orally Hora Religion (Voodoo Rhythm 2000)

   It’s not that you’re in New Orleans lately but while listening to this kind of music for the mixtures on Gothic Jazz/Blues as bizarre as Vaudeville music hall and banjo, trombone, steel drums and the brass sections to accordion, Indian prayer box to french horn or Django Gypsy Rock n’ Roll to Country sums recorded here by these Geneva band of the Switzerland group (The) Dead Brothers in mournful whisper and greek swing shuffles to the mid-tempo beats makes you realizing how rich the band’s various blends really comes alive popularized by Alain Croubalian, Mago Fluck, Matthias Lincke or Stefan Baumann and Ueli Balsiger; celebrating Dead Music For Dead People in their representation to Cajun sounds through the altar of world musical as playing Farmer Boy (One Day A Farmer Boy Always A Farmer Boy), Besame Mucho, Banjo Village Against Tarass Boulba or Allons Aux Paquis! and Ramblin’ Man as well forming the merry but sad performance to your funeral one day in life.

Dead Music For Dead People: