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Optic Chains (Bandcamp 2017)

   Adam Cahoon, Gregory Rutherford, Harpsal Assi, Payton Green or Shea Michael Brooks later on releasing back again their Punk-Hardcore new terrible recording number four from their career catalog within Sailing A Crazy Ship and Wiccans once and for all via a Denton house show and confirmed channel video-clips fulfilling the non-spoken rules for their snotty occults of hazy possible seminal brutal music like the combinations of Black Flag meets Circle Jerks in one disc as the band origins from Austin, Texas gladly, adding some more pusher formats to make the audience be very afraid to them and this space mission magic driving the grungy riffs and screaming vocals like The Melvins in rage or looney teddy bear doing the mass-murdering experience on thrown the listeners – their garbage protests for the next centuries.

Letting the spaceship goes crossing the starry nights of void; Bestiary, Automaton, Medusa 300, Under The Sun onto The Final utterance and Sword of Heaven will kills your further in methods like Flipper bites on your flesh inches by inches in Rock n’ Roll …

Sailing A Crazy Ship: