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Opodeldoc Felicita (AltrOck 2015)

   Specials with guests musician for it continues to surprising you and all the Progressive Rock music lovers whose clearly, catch the effective releasing for the personality performance by Dario D’Alessandro for the guitars, vocals and bass with synthesizer telling how the world’s going to drown in time as it is feels like your own car being filled with water as you suiting the astronaut suits and imagine the migrating journey to somewhere else as the sea gull flee for shelter or the common sea creatures off the myths smiling as the reclaiming over the liquid planet’s theirs again and thus easter island statues of giant opens the key within this recording compositions; Doppiofondo Del Barile, Operazione Simpatia and Vesica Piscis related to the oceanic fishes kingdom being sounded in techniques by keyboardist/bass and drum player Davide Di Giovanni as well as Daniele Di Giovanni behind the drum-sets. Belacqua or Egg Soup means like exceptional meaningless truce but Prog-Rock ruling the disc as displaying Mauro Turdo’s six-strings performance or bassist Daniele Crisci giving the goes vibe beats production of the tales in mostly, Italian lyrics and some more as the stars shining to guided your trip to the space on Come Si Diventa Cio Che Si Era that relates to the changes of times within the saxophone blows or flute plays and much synthesizers and oboe and alto sax to organ/mellotron whispering or echoed deeply as the rocket ship vehicle slowly gone further interrupted by great baroque Pop and Cantebury scene themes from Homunculus Res – the group from Palermo, Italy.