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One Man’s Time (Epic 1979)

   One of the most familiar heroes off the American’s Southern Rock and Hard Rock heroes by their legendary works and music performance is this pointed Molly Hatchet (naming after one of the infamous female killer in the western world) consisting of the classic formation: Bobby Ingram, Tim Lindsey, Duane Roland, Jimmy Farrar to Bruce Crump or Riff West and Steve Holland with John Galvin becoming really famous over their second time releasing album by the perfect title called Flirtin’ With Disaster as the thicker guitars music sounds conquering the ears of fanatic fans from Jacksonville – Florida to California through the Midwest territory like the armed pilgrims of the south crossing the vast gigantic continent for shows and tours and non-stop groovy stings right from their own self-flicking personal experiences taken to the paper as song-lyrics and stories and as the five-piece team band; Molly Hatchet added the Viking gods warrior as their permanent brand symbols and the licking good piano plays as well as freaking pleasure solos as possible just like the one you shall always hearing via Whiskey Man, Boogie No More, Jukin’ City, Gunsmoke or Let The Good Times Roll – comes out bursts fits for the fight songs over the drunken people in a local bar to the battle winner stepping between your enemies skulls and bones – not just for regular westerners.

Flirtin' With Disaster: