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Omen Redrum (Lost Scroll Records 2018)

Eric The Red & Illinformed joining forces to taking over the streets from those filthy piggy cops in Bristol, UK as the charges and the verdicts has been hammering down onto them for disturbing public peace and security but the truth isn’t that simple without further investigation from the justice lady seeing the background about the first time crime-acts took places in Caught Red Handed over the alliance of the street spirits of talents doing a fair protests for the things done un-balance for those haves and the have-nots due to decades of resurgence and injustice alleged pointy fingers of law to the poor and the left-behinds as criminals. Whether you love instrumental Hip-Hop, Boombap, Rap UK onto Hip-Hop standard with vocals flowing and talked about the struggle back since the beginning to the late calls to fight the regime in this record feels like wrongly right.

Listening to Limbo, Burning ft. Leaf Dog, Raid, Lah Lah Lah ft. Bill Shakes or Mr Paranoid; Mankind as well as Analogy or Tracks and Walls in thus fourteen songs available here for the record. Datkid, Paro or DJ Merk are all guilty as charge for making thus murals and graffiti over the city walls and alleys but the people shall always backing them up as an army of culture fighters – against racism, exclusive rights and denied access to entering the fair court. Eyes open wider - before you judge, lads !

Caught Red Handed: