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Obliquo Pigeons (Bandcamp 2013)

   Let the sun slowly resting its way on downfall position as the waves or windy sands started to turning softly, meanwhile – the smothered sounds and voice of a man closely came in not trying to become some those Zeppelin acoustic feeds but the good Folk-tronica may fusing here or there depends on where you standing now and the Italian musician/singer and the glen-in of every throws shadow next to Nick Rivera sparks upon the pronouncing off Zamalek; an island of the middle of nile river in cairo.
   Written about the sky can’t be seen from the spot or everything swam the place couldn’t be trusted as friends. Recording in different sessions in the mix by Raffaele Pilia as wasn’t on the top of the colored mountain peak but lower down to earth in experiences provides into oneself pleasure to share this music. Go on through The beast, Coma, I Try So Hard, Pigeons Fly Freak or The Wasp and The Butcher….and The Bird must be terrible not to listen by the audience of fans from this sound-loving calmness. By the performance of Nick Rivera playing acoustic guitar and singing; Alessandro Coronas (electric guitar), Elia Casu (electric guitar), Matteo Muntoni (bass) and Stefano Vacca (drums) on this album.