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Nuclear Scum Post (Diabolic Might Records 2018)

   Terrific double pedals and terrifying gutted of no morals kept within the excellent Speed Blacked Metal gifts hailing from Madrid under the character of killer psychotic band of Wasteland Riders whose being better standing than ghost rider himself to shock you all. The quartet of seminal Thrasher adding more melodic speeder onto their blasting music made by Diego Pizarro the vocalist also playing bass guitar, double guitarist formation like Slayer on Laka and Diego as well as Javi the bastard sitting to filled the drum-sets; putting this punkish-Hardcore and trashy tunes as like they’re being pulling the limits riding the demon bikes with big guns, ready to kill the passer-by and the pedestrians just like the releasing maniac record on Death Arrives. Spikey helmet, giant bazooka, canon and instinct to slaying mankind topping the solidify extremities for the Side A and Side B of the disc concluded those 95 Octane, Burn The Cross, Whiskey Time and Rock N’ Roll to beyond The Thunderdome and Sacrifice may giving you kinds of memorable sounds used to brought on the metallic stage by Lemmy and friends – now continued alive well and dangerous by this Spanish lawless road-crew.

Death Arrives: