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Nobody Rides For Free (MCA Records 1991)

   Point Break: Music From The Motion Picture songs by various artists balance in the most same ways like the film story itself as the most extreme at that time like the former quarterback turning to rookie FBI in form of Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) assigns for the bank robbery investigation by the ex-presidents-masked group disguising as Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B Johnson and Jimmy Carter along with veteran agent Angelo Pappas as the raid of cash drawers and true identities of them needs to be unveiled as the vault stays safe in that short heist timing. Infiltrating onto the surfers community where both Ant Kiedis and Flea marks their cameo roles as the assholes and persuading Tyler Endicott to help Utah learn to surfing before meet the charismatic leader of the surfer gang Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) and consisting for Roach, Grommet and Nathaniel as the wary changes to trusts as the leader recognizing the former football star and accepting Johnny to join them as the surf mastery, increasing adrenaline lifestyle and philosophies but things went blurry as the DEA undercover operation resurfaced after the raiding of FBI on some of the surfer gangs resulting zero connections between them. 
Point Break movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow closely noting how the surf-gang turns out to be the robbers as Utah got into the chase for Bodhi around the neighborhood of another bank heist but knee injury letting Bodhi free while Johnny make his aquaduct jumps and leave the leader gone missing away with no shots. Meanwhile next Bodhi took Johnny Utah for a extreme skydiving but then, telling about how he knows Utah as an FBI agent as Tyler becoming a hostage so that Johnny must following the last summer robbery with them results for the death of Grommet as foil as Bodhi knocks Utah out and disappear. 
   The perfect extreme adventure story needs good soundtrack that’s why Mark Isham not only composing the score music but also took time for making a good compilation album tells us the parts to parts on the scenery from the opening Pappas’ Theory, The Tackle, Fight With Razorheads, Night Surfing, Car/Foot Chase onto Tyle Misunderstood, Campfire, Post Parachute/TV and Shootout At Airport make senses on any Electronic to Stage scoring board records as well as some classic Hair Rock star La Guns on over The Edge, Public Image Limited’s Criminal or Concrete Blonde  with I Want You to newer Indie Rock bands like Liquid Jesus, Shark Island and Wire Train to ends the film with a surprising finale where the other gang members shot death by the FBI but after the plane jumps to the drop zone landing – Bodhi with is friend Rosie escaping with the money. Resurfacing tales for Utah versus Bodhi comes to the conclusion as the surfer trying to conquer the most lethal wave of the giant storm that year in Bells Beach, Australia as experience may not saving Bodhi from his death while Utah letting him go to the once-in-a-lifetime and gone forever … you would love to watch this adrenaline-shaker action movie pumps !