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Night Terror (Napalm Records 2012)

   Combining the ultimate scarvanging methods off the powerful middle era of Slayer within their old Black Metal reigning champions in bursting metallic sounds as being born again through the Heavy Metal of critical dangerous brought by these Highland Park, California formation consisting for Blake Meahl, Carl Weirzbiecky, Eric Harris and Ian Alden to the most important figure there for the mighty cult band – Huntress; the lead singer mistress lady – Jill Janus screaming and growling her lungs out like a maniac metal-heads did but dressing up as the mysterious ritualistic female mage looking ferociously – intriguing, sexy as hell and disturbing on being focused into the band’s debut releasing record entitled Spell Eater as you might see how everything’s been prepared to welcoming the summon times for the one with great power to grows back inside the womb of the earth mother under the signs of pure evil but honest as well as all the creatures of the night witnessing the pleasant celebration or the failure shall collectively, cursing the world for not succeeded bringing back the old-beliefs of paganism destroying the monotheists fools as Heavy Metal double pedals drumming and head-banger tunes broke the total tyranny regimes of the religious people of the planet and giving back the throne under the belongings of Huntress and their followers pagan army.
   Dressing in fury of The Dark; blackest as the black nights with no stars and blasting sounds from the traditional burial ground and amplifiers – thus Senicide, Aradia, Sleep and Death, Eight of Swords, Children onto The Tower cranking your designated consciousness replaced by doomy madness of supernatural Heavy Metal in female fronted singing form.

Spell Eater: