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Night Crawler (Muti Music 2017)

   This isn’t another sexy times on creating some modes in method from Tigran Mimosa or known as just – Mimosa doing his own project producing musical blends over Electronic, Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Gangsta around his living place on California. Looks like the man himself regret about his option or decision for recording Sinner // Saint as the last album efforts off his career mixing but alter-ego said different way as Dubstep Electronic flow goes like hot soft beats growing and growing bigger which makes the collaborative sounds penetrates easier through the most elegant clubs and rooms without getting harness as too harsh noise re-consideration for Mimosa’s claiming record. Here you can feel the groovy beats or suspense thrill techniques sending experimental creations towards your hearing senses by the effects off Bout Mine ft. The REJ3CTZ, Black Sheep, Free Love, Reflections to Road Trip and Dejavu featuring Hush or Not a Love Song featuring Animal and Pe$o as reality gang-bang problems and obstacles might never be concluded or finish until you dealing with it and stop it from being like it is.

Sinner // Saint: