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My Mack Dealer Drug (Ormolycka 2012)

   Universally goes blazing laser thick enough to destroying or exploring the un-inhabitant planets according to the mind-ideas mastering controls from Travis Miller whose also having so many fuckin’ aliases figure names as the project in musical against boredom or alienated circumstance as this Lil Ugly Mane isn’t the secret life crew but solo personal works in such Gangsta-Rap and booty calls beats sounding over jumpy jumps of your crafty custom autocar missions as Hip-Hop rules the planet once again with nobody shittin’ not to cheatin’ as whites turning blacks and the girls loved to get the anals from the brothas kinds of hell on earth twisting turns as spooky haunting rhythms to special urban assaults and more Black Music mixtures being exactly recorded here through the second player package to you brown and thick jizz lovers but clever not to get slipped and die caused by bitches and drugs and bullets would as filthy as the fitted title for Mista Thug Isolation gives us the clear attentions over the tracks per tracks as half-wisdom more crazy solutions and partly, fucking stories surrounding your neighborhood alleys where police brutality, murders, gambling life, drunken mobs and rape victims not reducing time to time hookers by numbers getting plenty as brothers killing brothers for territory and dicks smells like pussies always being told for Radiation (Lung Pollution) featuring Supa Sortahuman, Cup Fulla Beetlejuice, Slick Rick, Bitch I’m Lugubrious, Hoeish Ass Bitch, Breezem Out, Throw Dem Gunz or Lookin For Tha Suckin commenting your daily lyrics of sarcasm flown rhyming like Serious Shit ! 

Mista Thug Isolation: