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MWMW (Altar Records 2018)

   Sounding fairly mystical in its down-tempo Psychedelic and Electronic deep thoughts melancholic is the project of one-man solo Chillbreeze or lovely vocals that touching the depth of listeners feeling by cooperation on beauty to sadder violins and orchestra arrangements did in patience by this Szczecin, Poland musician – Michal Niecikowski. Psy-Trance or Downtempo sounds flowing into air like floating invisible liquid of life tells us about the surrounding natures while making time for Campfire as the holy bird’s spirits grown and in sudden, just burst out to the sky through some slow-tunes instrumental tunes recorded there such as Silesian Poem, Moontrap, Our Hope Rises, Nemesis and So Many Times resting your tiring head to the ground and let the world cuddling your alienated breath to total solitude in eternity as it seems completed in warmth of Red Sun Rising works.