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Mugwump (EMI/Total Vegas Recordings 1996)

   One more choices for those whom liking how Alternative Rock meets finally again with Glam-Rock may had a moment of truth by listening to Spoilt Bratz form of Bradford, UK before the band changes their identity onto Terrorvision as the career seems to be well wealthy for them since. Composited for Leigh Marklew, Mark Yates, Milton “Milly” Evans and Tony Wright or Shutty; Terrovision gaining their fan-base through the releasing off the second records but mostly, after the best providing materials for the third one via Regular Urban Survivors – these Pop-Rock and Indie Alternative unit grips the media and magazines within thus elegant James Bond’s and retro action movie related artistic on the album cover while the music sounding fun, powerful, catchy and rocking the stereo best as well. Seems like they’re playing roles for the low-budget show of espionage but wins in the end via the tricky licks and magic riffs and harmony melodies written songs such as Enteralterego, Hide The Dead Girl, Easy, Conspiracy, Dog Chewed The Handle onto Superchronic and Perserverance among others. Good leading vocals, fine rhythms and funky tempos given the more attentions from audience towards their existence for this one and Celebrity Hit list and Bad Actress fueled the member’s dream on puking and spitting harsh words to those fake Hollywood glamour living must be completed as a recordable stories to remember …

Regular Urban Survivors: