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Mosquitoes Stars (Not On Label 2012)

   As the background on satan’s playing chess like he loves to do daily – this is not a worship songs at all but a naughty themes for us to seeing the problems and issues surrounding ours in more different and positive ways as your lesser-known but talented song-writer and group from Auckland, New Zealand bring these sing-a-long blending of Reggae-Ska, Punk-Pop to Party hip-Hop and Rap onto Synths or Dub shouts within Love Life & The Devil not afar from your Sunday sermon explains that jesus didn’t forbid you to having a good time and making money but never being too fuckin’ greedy about it. Like the tons of Night Gaunts gets as influences: Anti-Venom, Beastie boys, Streetlight Manifesto to Donovan Wolfington; these band consisting for Paul (vocals+guitars/producer), Hayden (bass), John (keys/guitar/vocals) as well as Jacob (sax+vocals) and Simon (drums), cranking fun their tracks of Ill Informed, Pink Lagoon, Crowned By The Devil and Money Money Money really suits within how you seeing the world in a non-commercial and bullshits way while having a good times and not being hypocrite. 

Thunder strikes the lions and the cats in justice !

Love Life & The Devil: