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More Heartbreaker Drink (Monster Zero 2014)

   Catch your one fine shiny afternoon along the non-regrets and fun times on watching the horizon turning blue to deep dark but never brings painful as it goes like the life itself keep moving on as Florian Siemer (bass), Ivo Backbreaker (drums), Merel Schaap (guitar/vocals), Michael Stoel (guitar/vocals) and The Bat Bites from Rotterdam – The Netherlands stealing the money from the riches to giving it to the poor like themselves funny jokes as the masked quartet dressing-up and get their make-up on before the snapshot goes turn on the newspaper tomorrow and this self-titled album becoming the incoming soon for the comeback for these thieves within the thirteen tracks available there over The Ramones’ influences and Pop-Punk rocking your radio station tunes within the sing-along and remarkable arrangements that marking the word popular to your ears today.

   Everything Will be Fine, Would Have Could Have Should have, I Wanna Be The One With You, Cigarrettes, The Numbers and She Said She’s Fine can giving the sedative pleasure for the kids whose not being fine with their loner lives and the people being dumped to get the encourage spirits to steal away back their rights from the world. 

The Bat Bites: