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Moloch Zone (Dark. Descent. 2012)

   Before you parents ever read the sign in big thick letter says, “your children will be next” few years later after the collapsing continents and economy as thus collateral damages done and the future of uncertain music gripping by types like these Dutch Industrial powers of noises makers as existence for its three members contacting the new millennium listeners since the releasing of their first record and still, Krat on samples/noise/beats, Puck the live-noise/logistic and Statik the visuals/propaganda held their flag and methods high while there comes a day where the drums rhythms and thus marching soldiers of thousands conquering the entire remaining nations as Military Industrial Complex blaring in whispers as loud and cannot be taken down anymore because they’re stronger than ever now.
   Electronic Industrial and Hardcore mixing within the neo-communion joining forces of millions once being forgotten and laugh sooner turning their small numbers to the biggest party existing as mastered there by DDM and designed to becoming one of the underground Technoid Doomcore and Dark-Core Industrial unit which ruling the blue continent with this self-written ten tracks available by them through the conspiring thrills and political solutions on The General and The Mountain, Black Sky, The Holographic Principle, Approach (Clipping Mix), Hell Part One (Fire) and the other projects related to thus mayhem of slow tuning and effects redrawn from every aspects in this releases after decades struggling – now shining the path as the true way of union stars gathered to destroying the old order. 

Military Industrial Complex: