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Modivation (Hardmoon London 2014)

May being known as well as aliases off GH-106, Menace-Sta G or even DJ Jackmaster but you might also knowing the works off this lesser known musician and programming or an arranger in experimental beats of intense Electro-Dark and fusion from Gene Hunt as the DJ and producer from Chicago. Through the extended play release in Living In A Room; the Techno-Acid House generating for three-tracks available on their non-so finest distinctive error sounds must be calculated as a failure but as one can witnessing the dirty empty shelter house which could be raiding by the bad guys as they’re slaughtering most of the patients and refugees there as well as the medical workers or the nuns and raping or pillage happened before for hours there.

Connected or not – these non-commercial GH 362 instrumental music or Detroit Chitown may tells us about something the government or the authority didn’t know as they’re covering up the tracks.

Living In A Room ep: