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Misplaced Ahead (Lool Records 2016)

   Debut album from the formation of a Folk-Rock and Indie-Pop band from the Center District – Israel comprising on Jenny Pakmah (vocals, guitar), Gilad Bloom (vocals, guitar), Yossi Hazan (drums), Nir Blum (bass guitar), Yogev Samina (keyboards and electric piano) to violinists Miriam and Marian Rapaport, Viktor Christosov and cello player Lev Matiukov as Red Sun Project - sharing their providing ideas talking about the other worldy living after this planet dried out of being sucked by humanity’s greed and the advance technology taking over what’s left behind while mankind surviving through their own last breath – breathing through those atmospheric bubble on their heads as communication been released through music such as the tracks of reflective lyrics like this Liquid Moments showing us the recording release via All in My Head, Echoes, Painkillers, In Your Light, Out in The Rain as well as Stranger makes the listeners pausing themselves to Don’t Wait to Take It All Back as preserved now before it’s too late as thus doomsday fell on you and me From The Highest Place. A combination unit whose playing their roles completely educating you to learn and to do something to save things before it’s gone forever.

Liquid Moments: