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Mihi Cthulhu (Destroy Records 2011)

   Now you should know the reality of the truth behind thus mysteries alleged to the building for egyptian pyramids like three kings as a land-marks sign for the founder aliens in their second coming as dragging thus death and destruction gates of hellish energy of negativity and sorrow to the planet in stormy dusts demise just like the showdown brought to your stereo by these Wellington, New Zealand four-piece of Sludge Metal abide the stand-fast and obeying the riffs as masters blasting the explosive mongrel mixtures and Heavy Metal meets Death Rock cross-over actively, marvelous as the entire soundtrack for devastation at the beginning – there for Egypt. 

Beastwars troops letting the audience head-banging like the craziest within Matt, James, Nato and Clayton and their general manager King Bosso influenced by the forcible blistering flown forces of nature on them to writing down and interpreted things or events in their own visioning views for this self-titled blasts. 

   Epic track-listed and arrangements ready to slicing your throat up as you liking it well like the brutal sides of Soundgarden unleashed via Lake Of Fire, Damn The Sky, Daggers, Call Out The Dead and Iron Wolf among others might entertaining your insanity back to the right course to kill.