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Midsummer Prison (Relapse Records 2015)

   As the clock ticking in eerie echoes right to explaining why Heavy Metal and Crust Punk-Rock must or should ruling the entire Montreal (Canada), Isle of Skye (UK) and Minneapolis – USA wasn’t a surprising facts that the places needing to get fucked up once and for all as the themes off the16th or 17th centuries occultism rites to mass control religion and subversions brought this straight challenger or contender of Punk-rocks teaming superb group – Tau Cross off Amebix’s Rob (The Baron) Miller on bass/vocals, Michel (Away) Langevin the drummer from Voivod; Andy Lefton and Jon Misery for the guitars distorting department as well as bassist Tom Radio give us the images over the scarecrow-figure and thus graveyard likes in damage beats in average of ninety-three percents destruction through the self-titled recording album. Most harassing songs could be Fire in The Sky, Lazarus, Stonecracker, Hangmans Hyll and We Control The Fear and etc.

It's like Punk-Rock and magic spells unites ...

Tau Cross: