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Media Margin Meth (Rising Nemesis Records 2015)

   Death Metal aus Germany now changing their line-up’s again for the finest third releasing album so far from the nineties era until nowadays; consisting for Lukas Swiaczny (vocals, guitars), Dominik “Pumpa” Konig (bass, vocals), Jan Weidemann (guitars), Phillip Schubert (guitars) and Manuel Winkler (drums) pressing the ultimate new horrific terror within not humanitarian anti-feelings but the gigantic malfunction monster from the mutation breeding secret labs or the mother nature’s last weapon to drove away human kinds technology and cities – being wiped out forever as that nightmarish frog-mixed chameleon or dinosaur type in unclassified genetics growling towards the Stillbirth’s extreme Death metal sounds as Global Error means the checkmate step for us and no further way out of this – just like how the monster movies by sci-fi tales goes on starting and finished with something left to continue terrorizing us later on; same on this case … Clean vocals/rapping, mighty growlers and technical explosive blisters like Chainsaw Throatcut, Open U This Fucking Pit, On The Edge of Society, Don’t Give A Fuck, Motherfucker and Chronic Avenger to Schmand An Der Hand filling the disaster roads and marks along the civilization goes in demise as nobody can seems to stopping this catastrophe events from happening – through the smallest level and the huge devastation.

Global Error: