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Maldita Playa (Not On Label 2016)

   Not too famous but catchy version of Alternative Indie-Pop musical project off these Madridas crew calling themselves as Ola La Meta by the formation of guitarist/vocalist Manu Quinto, Luis Flores (guitars, vocals), Nora Garcia (drums, choir) onto the synthesizer/bass-guitar/choirs player Raul Radek singing their temporary happiness anthems of the summer holiday and those weekend joy via this energetic listed of Garage Rock, Surf-Pop and Psychedelic Rock combinations as potential as refreshing to watch and listening over the mixture simplicity chords and background vocals as being influenced by The Sonics, The Cramps and Black Lips to The Pixies which cites their loving written themes around youthful days, violent lives, destination onto future preceding materials for publication on Guerra De Miradas as the wrath of smaller gods blinding the beauty eyes forever as Ola Le Meta (means the finishing line hello) given you Generacion Y to Que Mas Da, onto La Pecera de Matisse driving the fuzz spiritual distortion welcoming the audience to liking not just the sounds of the group made but also the glasses female drummer and her great smile.

Guerra De Miradas: