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Make Up Your Mind (STMPD/Epic 2016)

   Mixtures and featured collaboration on EDM sounds modernity for the full length recording from Martin Garrix or born as Martijn Gerard Garritsen; the Dutch DJ later being famous as best known to his hit single Animals peaking the top ten hits charts in ten countries especially, Belgium and UK as founding his own label recording too among the run around shows and staging attendance through half of the globe going places and flights and entertaining thousands in festivals.

   Don’t get stranded now because there’s a gateway for you and the rest of friends elaborates to natural kindness and loving atmosphere wrapped by thus dance electro fusions within Seven off Martin garrix musical remixes products sparkles and pops out happiness not sorrow through the lyrics and building up feelings develops as tremendous as these Electro-House or EDM co-working between the DJ and names like Golden Dawn, Julian Jordan, The Federal Empire, Matisse & Sadko onto Jay Hardway splitting decision towards thus cool songs over Sun is Never Going Down, WIEE, Spotless, Hold On & Believe onto Welcome to Together. 

Let’s go releasing our maximum weekend fun feelings next to the cliff-edge hidden beach gathering.