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Majoris Empyrean (Various Goods 2015)

   Revealing the past eerie of darkness roots and mostly, writing the instrumental occult coldest sounds in Experimental Black Metal as well rock music harmonies made of Istanbul – Turkey is this Dahakara of one person-mode project releasing his second extreme screaming vocals album entitled Low Of Wisdom. Digitalized new millennium era coming within the bringer tales of the smaller apocalypse as the black triangle significantly, symbolizing the advance and the lack points of humanity causes by greed and vanity to conqueror themselves and the planet in terrible absurd enslavements to the machine system controls and beyond travelling times send us evidence but nobody believes that anymore.

People just trying to live their lives day by day like slave-robots and instrumental Progressive sounds of Heavy Metal like this complex by stated the conditions without words enough to explains the cause and effects there. Dahakara plays the repertoire via Augmented Vacancy, Gaze Along, Great Attractor, Black Dwarf onto Observables, Plague Found and Moment of Inertia which may tells us about the surroundings threat build and preserving by ourselves hidden under the locked sounds of the metallic blast. 

Low Of Wisdom: