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Main Theme 580 (Bandcamp 2013)

The beginning of this strange story on a guy named Randy Smith born a normal teenager passionate to drive around his beloved Carson City on his bike at that night after the party on his way home a sudden bright lights struck directly on him as he swerved and blinded to be crashed in the Honda CR80R – waking up in an secret hospital as doctors told him that his organs and limbs has just being taken out and replaced by mechanical cyborg parts.

Body armored and new purpose mission on covert assassination for the government – the attempts to flee makes this superhuman dramatically, escapes across Nevada desert as he evades the pursuers over the speed newfound and strength of Future Man by Alpha Boy.Some might seeing him now a scary looking weirdo as cool stuff of 80’s reality sounds felt authentic in Electronic and New Jack Swing instrumentals as started from the soundtrack tunes on When Randy Wakes Up, Cyborg, Under A Clear Sky must be some of the inventions that supporting the scenery filming music on this record. Thanks to Norman Ritter for artwork and stories. 

Future Man: