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Madre Tierra Sangre (Fighter Records 2018)

   Astonishing mercilessly just like the true band’s album title meaning in Spanish – Sin Piedad and these Madrid, Spain crew combines their MWOBHM or Power Metal rages on and speed rockers to the highest limit; Wild (the group) returning to the street’s alley as the avenging wolfman with big guns to invading the bads and slaughtering the wicked while saving the enslaves as its new commodity over the problems lyrics based on religion, mythology and death as Thrash-Metal bashing goes erupting as the heavier fast performance from bass guitarist Sergio Gonzalez Fernandez, leading vocalist Javier Pastor on the shredding departments as well as Jaime Nunez to Niko Fernandez (drums) writing Todo O nada (All or Nothing), Accoralado (At Bay), Vuela Alto (Soars), Bajo Un Cielo de Crystal or Under a Crystal Sky and Pesadilla (Nightmare) suits to becoming the terror soundtrack off those metal-heads fans to like how this espana crew did well shredding the landscape with their materials branded even as the lesser known unit.

Sin Piedad: