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Macrocosmic Architects (Independent 2016)

   Extra-terrestrial facts and fake news still swirling inside your thick skull membranes as decades passes and more evidence came out through the social media or shouting by the activists as well as the beliefs from these five-piece Durban, South Africa’s metal-heads The Overmind like double crusher guitarists: Jethro and Deven to bassist Nathan and drummer Stefan as well as lead vocalist in growler and screamo-metallic from Wojtek sponsoring thus pure Death-Core under the signs affiliated influence from Cattle Decapitation, Bleeding Spawn, Beneath The Massacre or Abominable Putridity; as the constant well known to the exploration meaning for the relating to human beings about their existence spawning the attack on the metropolis process as culminated branding typhoon of Death Metal meets brutality in destruction within The Anthropic Principle grinding music.

   The lord of devastation comes appearing in gigantic form as unleashing its power on mankind – bringing the catalyst realm behind him as follow and crushing tracks such as Xenocide, Consumed, Transdimensional Collapse (feat. Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction) along with Abnegation or The Inquisitor (feat. Dylan Gillies-Parsons of Gravemind) queuing the planet earth for more hitting explosive demise shorter than to build our high technology civilization – the alien god comes to end it. 

The Anthropic Principle: