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Lust 06:03 (Cold Spring 2017)

   Don’t be confusing by her many aliases because either it’s mAlice, Alice Deviated or Alice Kundalini is the same person with the short dark-hair brilliantly, born a music maker and arrangement writer from Biela, Italy whose addicted to exploring her favorable liking about Death Industrial to the empowering Electronic and thus brand new marks is here as She Spread Sorrow written down as five tracks tripping sounds around deathscapes, repressed, faith, guilt and punishment obscurity conceptual plays for international festivals and Mine is the reason why you needs to like how the horrific sessions turns the world on for the eyes opening through Straight back, On The Bank of The River and Crushed on The Pillow – correcting the mindless madness themes surrounded the seclusion lives of modern common people having too much money to taste more about hell on earth is the Minimalist-atmopshere aiming regret telling by the front cover.