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Lungs Samhain (Translation Loss Records 2008)

Whether if it’s so not about amplifying the burst-out louder noise sounds from the band it is clearly, still related that Fight Amp used to be Fight Amputation once but changed within the movements upon their musical roots additions which embracing more deeper Hardcore-Sludge and Noise Punk metallic as a group originally came from West Deptford New Jersey and relocates themselves to Philly with Dan Smith Lou DeHart, Mike McGinnis to Patrick Troxell and more ex-members of it from the time this releasing debut album entitled Hungry For Nothing sparks the Stoner Rock and Hardcore to Doom Metal noises to your ears.

The hanging coffins by the tree-roots looking a bit occult but the music aren’t that mysterious to bashing heads in little less progression manage by the death dying people soulless realm coming to haunts us back like the rebel yells protests lyrics goes on through Late Bloomer, What a Drag, Get High and Fuck, Dumb Luck or Bound and Hagged means entirely, mixtures of sick jokes and unmerciful mistakes shown to the world as examples. 

Hungry For Nothing: