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Lucinae Kanon (Orange Cliff Records 2017)

   The group calling their sounds mentioned as the free-thinker rocks that goes on in cool modern for everyone but the facts is the music comes out from these bandung unit of the consistency members like Ramaputraantra (electric guitar/bass/synthesizers), Dena Prabandara (electric guitar), Tommy Herseta (bass, synthesizer), Benny (modular/sequencer/synthesizer) and Rendy Pandita (drums) may not that easily to consume or swallow by ordinary narrow-minded people said that they’re not liking to have Progressive Space-Rock and adventurous by sounds-scapes within the extract distorting sudden sinister blasts erupt as Gaung (the band) did here through their recording release – Opus Contram Naturam which closer to the sinister heroic acts made by The Mars Volta or At The Drive-In before them.
   Strangest title tracks and fusion of Heavy Metal collapsing to Hardcore and Jazz Rock perfectly, goes burning the ego brains and not collective thoughts while having the weird faces Chinese hooker seeing you through the glass of time kinds of condition. Meet the bad dreams jamming via Eridanus Supervoid, Killing With Virtue, Old Masters: A Comedy and Summa Injuria for your non-favorable new anthems describing how Indonesia has turning onto a sickening polluted and over-populated fools in progress after the last tyrant gone. 

The facts is the truth in you to share to public ! 

Opus Contra Naturam: