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Louangphrabang Chakras (Bandcamp 2015)

   Colder dark and nowhere to escaping is the main course for how two years emerging did tremendous ideas for the making on mysterious producing musical off Gdansk, Poland as Ebola Ape comes to you like a hybrid, genetic-crossing records by less emotions a brand new which collaborating the Dark House, Rn’B, Trip-Hop and hypnotic Hip-Hop as crooked path walking steps in creepy modes and heavily reverbs by old school synthesizers or Deep Tribal releasing the Templez On This that carries some of the experimental riddim instruments to Vaporwave or Cloud-Rap and Witchhouse slower haunting within its non-vocals but samples taken to completed the tasks here as Dehibernation, Dayz of Void, Trapped in V-World, Curse on Evil Fri3nds onto Rings in Her Eyes as well as Dub Weapons as plenty addition samplings off Mike Will Made-It-23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Shrouds in Secrecy ft. Slewbada and Nora Ney x Natala Grzebala doesn’t really fits for the project name but the disease infection phase may closely similar to this type of music effects on the listeners 

Templez On This: