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Lotus Descending (Not On Label 2009)

   Put your hands up or just leave before the burst of Electronic mixed with Dubstep and metallic Hardcore fusion fried your minds out as Kaia Young doing her own ugly things blended there where the retro old Dance of the 90’s and Techno immersing inside the local punks metal scene goes spurred out like the good explosions by this project interest known as The Luna Sequence and surely, lovers of the games or odd-society that likes to filling up the underground clubs listening to modern day Industrial would definitely, digging this as favorable a new. This Cyberpunk metallic Industrial plus Drum and Bass plus Electronic soundtrack alike in such a tremendous instrumental arrangements shall infinite conquering the stereo system onto thus beauty, strange and out of this world t hell and back musical fuses for the debut recording They Follow You Home means that the spirits of extreme Electro-Core sounds will haunting you for days and more as well as the gorgeous mysterious girl performing her rage efforts with passion and dark-edgy beats via Lure The Vultures, My Love Undone, Hope on Black Wings, The Famine or The Path to Abandonment recessing the beliefs of faith not to trusting human anymore to lead the machine as a music maker but this woman shows that facts aren’t supposed to be like that. Fatal discoveries off San Francisco works mixing the bad and the ugly to become seductive and dangerously addictive.

They Follow You Home: