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Losing My Religion (SkyQode 2017)

   Consisting of Artem Nekrasov (guitars), Pavel Zolin (music) to Veronika Yakovleva and Laly Fox on vocals includes Daniil Isaev on lyrics are the matters of timing log-in scenery diamond-like towards the Darkwave headquarters of Samara, Russia and Purple Fog Side would gladly, be saving the community name under their vibrant Goth-Synth meets the Dream-Pop and ethereal darker waves as being widely, influenced by Dead Can Dance, Tears For Fears, New Order, Die Form to Gary Numan or The Cure as well as Graeme Revell or Kraftwerk possession that leads the softer female voices to seducting the audience on loving the materials that group kept as their product in a record. 
   Re-knowing musicianship as well as various line-up stylistic changes made this eight full-length album of the impressive works on The Discord even though the cover arts didn’t looks awesome taken out from bad drawings off the noir-crime games or something but describing the surroundings of Russia to its finest after ten o’clock at night-time as clubs and parties comes alive including the violence of hidden organized prostitutions and drugs where-bouts whirled between Ashen Sleepwalkers, Moth (feat. Requeim4FM), Garden of Whispers, Nobody’s onto My Faith and Your Image Alive feels like the attachments for one to started the button press – beginning to Breathe In and enjoying their stay in Russia background by New Wave Techno sounds local. 

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