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Limbo Glass Wall (Darkitalia 2015)

   As the death of an era marked by the death of your heroes died and Type O Negative now defunct cause the bitter loss for their lead figure – the "capelli scuri" main vocalist and bass guitar player Peter Steele being fully respected and celebrates by the various artists whom also inspired and fanatically, loved him and the band as the compilation here – This Man Of Steele – A Type O Negative Italian Tribute in Loving Memory of Peter Steele giving the audience a very dark perspective for the rest stories around Goth-Rock of the mid-nineties, Gothic Metal, Post-Punk and Dark Ambient influences alongside within thus sensual sex gods, vandalism arts in such anarchy and ritualistic forbidden romance added for the amazing filthy lyrics being told in a perfect ways in the blending of Heavy Metal to Electro-Rock.

   One shall facing the reality imaginative adventures entering the lair of harmonies for the sanguine incubus and succubus realm over several great tracks covered in amazing version, remix or much originally sang in dignity like Green Man presented by Lia Fail, The Stompcrash taking Blood & Fire, Dim Arcana gets their piece of sexual pie via Bloddy Kisses, TourdeForce re-recording the fascinating confusions over My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend as well as more names of local Italian Goth-Rock band society – Ottodix, Manguss or Dade City Days and the solo artists to giving their humble commemorates for the empty throne left behind by your beloved Man Of Steel.