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Letter To You (Elevation Records 2013)

   Smaller stages to the bigger ones was where these troops of musicians off the local south Yogyakarta, Indonesia came with their ideas to forming the group of musical project to kill the boredom caused by thus academic living everyday which turns out to be a delightful choice for Aurette and The Polska Seeking Carnival appreciating and being appreciated by the audience in Bali, Bandung to Jakarta independent fans universe for liking them and as the cirque team goes on delivering you their sweetest sounds on Pop-arranging traditional inspiring songs in accordion, semi-acoustic romance even if it’s not in Paris but you’ll feel it alike once the self-titled album play, meet the entire crew of local college students believes that nothing will eternally stays attached before decided to foolishly disbanded themselves; Dhima Christian Datu (accordion, ukulele, lead vocals), Aurelia Marshal (ukulele, guitars, keyboards), Aris Setyawan (drums, cajon), Danny Rachman (electric bass, contrabass), Ahmad Mursid (trumpet), Khrisna Bayu (trombone) and Rian Hidayat (conga, djembe, tambourine, marching bells) taken their steps and build in the large circus tent to mass entertainment which really sounded like how French people playing this performance within I Love You More Than Piza, Someday Sometime, Wonderland and Lies in a Cup of Cappuccino as actually, this is Indonesia future Pop-Indie speaking !