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Lethal Injection (Vendetta Music 2012)

   Favorable to stands up and out a loud your stereo system during the entire cold war turning to disaster attacks of both cyber terrorists and local rebellion outside your house as explosions or more planetary riots the streets after G-20 meetings gone wrong as the mistakes by one single shoot of a sniper killing hopes around you within the works in progress by Unit:187 the industrial band consisting for Byron Stroud, Chris Peterson, Jed Simon, John Morgan as well as Ross Redhead and Tod Law entering the uncertainty new millennium rounds by recording their latest – Transfusion as experts creating machines that controlling human activities or the rocket-ship explorer to a big migrations somewhere else farther after the cloning genetics went wrong pushed mankind to their brink of extinction several inches closer and thus Electronic Rock fusion makes sense to guide you into penetrating the terrible trouble times in front through Second Class Citizen (RK Mix), Blood For Blood, Threatened (Knifed Remix by Jared Slingerland & Craig Johnsen), Kurva (16 Volt Remix), Rolling Vengeance (Mindless Faith Remix) onto Sick Obsession (Stiff Diprisco Remix) slahing the reality fatal imaginations towards the bonus tracks right before the real event comes after the drill.