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Leroy Jenkins (Bandcamp 2015)

   Sea Monkey See would becoming one of those non-existence creature in reality that should giving you a kind of feeling like wasted onto the so-called Math-Punk because truth is they’re the trio playing Progressive Metal by experiments to rock the hell out of stereo system in midday session after the first eruption of the giant volcano in the middle of the vast ocean spot – some discovered as the tropical point of Mookie Island.
   These Los Angeles project pops from ideas of Richard Ray on drums, Ricky Rodriguez playing guitars/bass as well as Tyler McCarthy on bass/guitars have reminiscing thus quite distortion package on instrumental rock journey’s travel-log onto ten tracks for this record. 
   Dealing with experimental skills and technical high explosive bursts that much people whose into Prog-Rock genre would love to hear through confusing or long-jams via Macchu Pikachu, Tiki Twins, Talking Shit, Alpaca Bull, Banana Breath or Greasy Reece and Kate’s Mookie Island Vacation Home did pleasure in ear damages over this lot wasn’t so bad to purchase for a weekend pick-up. 

Mookie Island: