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Last Ticket (Lazerdisc Records 2016)

   Real eighties re-captures by the splashing taste creations off the Synthwave composing Dj and producer based out of France named Morgan Willis or some calling him Cousin Morgan too even there’s no relation between them and this manager and co-founder of a good label also making plenty ideas went successfully on the smaller region as recording with fans and listeners liking what he did the most and less. One shall closely, right away falling in love with the first tracks catchiest and danceable in Electronic and waving synthesizers music wrapping the seducing female voice of JJ Mist on Behind The Mask comes like thus romantic story turns suspense from the teenagers and adventurous movies in the era of the 80’s and Rage composing all about the gaps in-between our new millennium and those retro past as this collaborating The Game (Round2), Arcade Fire and Sex On The Beach revealing the beats and grooves extracting as melt onto your favorable New Wave Disco Electronics album telling on the idyllic locations of south of france breaking the barricades rip cage open or inappropriate situation as excessive prerogative verse of Synth sounds with no lawsuit.