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Larry Flynn Mamma (Independent 2015)

   Ninjas And Aliens fighting in balance to spawn a winner on reclaiming the blue planet earth since the first battle on Montreal, Canada into thus fast melodic skating Punk-Pop a’la Fat Mike and co. but leaving the sarcastic lyrics at home and stupidity being fortunately, hits by bikers and so, only smart-tunes and energy getting their ways to the stage following this self-titled record as the similar vocals to New Found Glory but never following Good Charlotte home means that thus samurai and the laser-beaming slasher didn’t have to clashing onto each other while silly but wiser title-songs like Product Of A Violent Sin, Crazy Falming Wizard Apes, Take 38, Tender Felecater onto How To Flabbergast An Alien sounding perfect to kicking the beach kids and let punks being elite again not to destroying the planet but for saving it from greedy bastards !

Ninjas And Aliens: