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Laguna Gvcci Hvcci (Self-Released 2011)

   Alias DJ Maquina De Muerte or daily as Juan Carlos Lobo Garcia producing his virtual noise cranking sounds of parted ways through Industrial Rock, Techno blasts and Electronica experiments as being a mysterious producer hailed to be evil incarnated as Ritualz from Mexico City and thus triple crosses symbolizing the leap of abandoned faith strays over the background of this figure as catholic-populated country turns into mobs, cartels and prostitution and atheist states just like this recording compilation for Ghetto Ass Witch portraying Lindsay Lohan as the ultimate bitch of the modern centuries centerfolds those Thug Rap onto Witch House experiments as symbols and rites level goes up in worshiping Baba Vanga, Bodie, Big Magick Hustlas, Third Eye Sixth Sense and Star Magick blows the stereo system and the club goers – fell onto the sinful marked moments while fucking more Hollywood role-modeled hookers like Ms. Lohan and The Kardashians !

Ghetto Ass Witch: